Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
also referred to as Paid Search Marketing

If you are looking to gain traffic to your site fast, paid search marketing is an option. You have full control over your campaigns and only pay when your ad is clicked on. You can control where you want your ad shown by location (geo-targeting), make multiple ads to test to find out which ad(s) or keywords work best and control your budget by creating a time frame for your campaign, set daily budgets and more.

New Design Now's SEM packages include

  • Consultation and setup of PPC Campaign
  • Research and review keywords and phrases
  • Review your marketing goals, identify demographics and geo-targeting
  • Assist in copywriting (text ads)
  • Bid management
  • Analytical review
  • Review of and recommendations if necessary to your landing page

Our maintenance programs

  • Review ads and tweak where necessary. The tweaking could be bid pricing on text ad, keywords or suggested changes in the landing page
  • Manage and adjust ads as needed
  • Measure how effective the ads are
  • Review costs (bidding system)
  • Review your analytics and webstats
  • Review keywords and phrases
  • Review every two weeks with client on progress

Google has the largest number of search engine users so we recommend the Google Adwords Program for Paid Advertising Campaigns.

For Google Adwords Campaign, you only pay when your ad is click on, unlike impression based advertising. You control your budgets and can increase or decrease based on what type of marketing programs are going on. For example, you may have a product that is winter based, so you will increase your budget in the fall and wintertime and decrease in the summer time. However, since there is more competition, you may have to pay more for your ad. Pay per click is measurable and there is good tracking and analytical tools to use especially if there is a purchase or signup process where your ROI can be determined. Adwords is based on a bidding system, so generic words may have a very high bidding price.

These ads are found in search engines (sponsor ads or sponsor links) and websites that are part of the Google search network. This network consist of website owners that want to try and earn money by having google ads on their site. These leads coming from those sites are targeted as the website owner can define what type of ads are suitable for their site based on what type of site they own.